The Agony of Memory

One by one, I loose the bonds
The dream will be the last to be uprooted
The dream the dream torments me -- joints
That groan lost azure in the deepest depths
My body
The odor of sky and of frigid star
Is lost in my millennia of a flowing
Pagan dream.

I have not yet loosed all the bonds
Moonlit nights oaths diaries and farewell
The earth rejects me, a foreign body
I will avenge myself, I say, with lucidity my weapon
I will pass beyond time like the flash of incubated crystal
I will pass like the silver of the desert
That outwits the darkness
Holding in my hands the mark:
Odor of birth-blood.


The dream will be uprooted last or I
Some hand will uproot me from the dream
Like a flower trodden by Time
What did I dream? What did I dream?
I will no longer remember


My house is uninhabited
Only memory remains among the crumbling walls
I hear its heavy footsteps -- something
Like a cry in the dark
I wear it next to my skin with my first abyss
A flower whitened by my tears
And death laden with paradises
A window forgotten in the night

Illuminating the other life.
Death twisting
Climbing up my body
Displaces the boundaries

I am the burning memory that flows toward the Light
I no longer own the matter given me
I turn it into a poem
To pass through.


My soul ever more alien
Embraced by the abyss
I recognize it by the
Odor of night that riddled it like rust
A strip of azure
Pierced through by my sleep
I am left alone
With my soul erect
Bidding farewell to the old mooring

With tears I rinse time off the form of my Soul
With my blood I rinse the abyss off its fissures
To take it with me.

Poetry: Mystic Passage

Mystic Passage was published in Greece in 1989 (Astrolavos/Efthini) to widespread critical acclaim.
In 1991, the Greek Ministry of Culture nominated the book for the Prize of Europe.
A translation with introduction by the French author Jacques Lacarrière was published in 1995 by Editions “Le Temps qu’ il fait” (France)
A Swedish translation with introduction by Ingemar Rhedin was published by Editions “Bonniers” Stockholm, 1996.