“It is a work of very high quality. Both the characters and the language are so deeply evocative and, of course, mysterious. In a way it seems to me to be more of dramatic poem than a play, in the same way as some of Harold Pinter’s later plays are dramatic poems.
English playwright, 1996 (for the Glass Box)

It is an honor to direct a play such as this. Its creation tested the limits of our abilities to match the poetic images and intensities of the text, to find the theatrical equivalents that would create vital and surprising experiences for you, the audience.

I felt that in the play there were powerful surges of passion and I wanted to uncover them and to find poetic 3-dimensional images to reflect them so that the audience could participate in the heroine’s attempts to define herself.
It is very rare these days to find plays that deal with archetypes.

Maria’s characters were archetypes, even icons of universal personalities.

(…) This production pays homage to all the wonderful aspirations of humanity
for a braver more meaningful world.”
Edgardo De La CRUZ
Professor at California State University, Hayward.
Program of the performance of “Antigone Or the Nostalgia of Tragedy”, 1996.